The Biggest Little City isn’t so Little Anymore!!


By Fred Myer

​I don’t know about anyone else but I continue to be amazed at what I’m seeing going on in our town. There are so many exciting new projects going up and I’m talking rehab not new!  I really like to see this because Reno has so many older buildings with a rich history that have good bones and interesting character. In the not so distant past we have lost some re-gentrification’s out there, although now we are not going to let that kind of thoughtless destruction of old Reno happen any longer.

Cool little projects like Motor Coffee 131 Pine St., or Jack Hawkins’ very cool rehab design work on 200 S. Center St, or the old Maytan Music building. Then there’s 400/410 Mill St. just South of the ball park, it’s an infill project by Haberae, and right next to that is a new brewery. Down town we have the old Sienna which is to become a Mariott Renaissance, and 3rd Street Flats which is coming along very nicely. On the East side of Downtown we have 1401 Midtown, a mixed use-development to be constructed by D-3 Development, the massive Downtown student housing is called, “The Standard” I believe is in the newly called Tessera District, a zoning designated in 2009 for tourism improvement to enable UNR to cross the freeway to the South and grow towards Downtown. Then to top it all off it was just announced that West of Downtown, and encompassing 17 acres of retail office and some 1900 residential units will be a massive development.  The project is to be bordered by Arlington to the East, the river to the South, the train trench to the North and Washington St to the East. Not sure about this one, looks a little scary for the Biggest Little City to little old me!