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Scott Myer - Owner/Borker, Myer Realty

Scott Myer – Broker, Myer Realty

Fred Myer - Owner/Agent Myer Realty

Fred Myer – Commercial/Residential

Myer Realty is a team of experienced, expert real estate agents who have been licensed in the Northern Nevada market for a total of over 50 years. Our long-standing familiarity with Reno gives us the kind of specific knowledge of Reno’s niche markets that will give you the greatest opportunity to sell or purchase your home at the best possible price. Whether you’re looking to grow your square footage, downsize, or perhaps invest in our fantastic multi-unit market or delve into commercial real estate, we have the expertise within our team of real estate agents to help you achieve your goals.

We are a family office with roots in Northern Nevada going back to the 1930’s. We have been through the best and the worst of real estate times in this market over the years and we are here to serve you. We thank you for taking the time to look around. Give us a call at 775-360-4900 or send us an email at today!