A New Bold Vision for Downtown Reno’s West 2nd District

A Bold Vision For Downtown Reno’s West 2nd District

By Fred Myer

The west side of downtown has been neglected for many years, seeing this kind of development project come along is almost as exciting as seeing the Tesla/ Switch project show up in Northern Nevada. This is a big shot of adrenaline for our downtown.

It was interesting reading through this article, seeing the ways the developers are planning to pull this all together. The developers intend to join several corporate partners to put together what they are calling a “sustainable technology district” intended to serve the new project. Some of the major components include a central heating and cooling plant, a water reclamation center, a gigabit internet, and earthquake proofing of the structures. (that might be fortuitous) So instead of the associated companies building out these infrastructures and just leaving, they will apparently own them and operate them, and I assume that their will be a profit center within the project for the prospective builders. It will create a flat rate for the billing and their saying the economy’s of scale will make it less expensive for all involved.  This is a new and very interesting way to put together a project and I  think I like it!